Welcome to The Oak Creek Center

celebrating 25 years of service to the oak creek community

The Oak Creek Center is an independent, self-funded non-profit community center that serves as a public gathering place for individuals, families and organizations within the city of Oak Creek and surrounding communities.   


Whether you’re looking for a different kind of entertainment venue, a meeting or event space or to take part in some fun social programs you need to look into the Oak Creek Center!


Have your next meeting or special event at the Oak Creek Center

Features of The Center include:

  • Free on-site parking for over 150 cars
  • Fully handicap accessible
  • Front Office – Offering copies, local and long distance fax service and phone message center.
  • Atrium – With large skylight that warms our contemporary decor. Room can be used as registration and break area.
  • Coat Room
  • WiFi Accessibility


Who We Are: The OCCC is an independent and self-funded community center that serves as a public gathering place for individuals, families and organizations in the city of Oak Creek and surrounding communities.​
Our Mission: The Center, since it’s founding in 1994, has established itself as a charitable non-profit organization dedicated to improving lives, strengthening community, and fostering civic engagement through a diverse offering of community programs, services and special events.
Our Vision: We envision an engaging and vibrant community where individuals are caring and giving: where families are participating in community recreations and civic activities: where organizations work together in partnership and collaboration: where individuals, families and organizations are dedicated to improving the quality of life for others and our community.
Our Guiding Principles and Values:  In fulfilling our mission, we will strive to: *provide our programs in a manner that is sensitive to the needs of our community, consistent with the intent of our donors, and respectful of the vision of our founding members   *conduct all activities with the utmost professionalism and treat all persons equally and with dignity and respect   *act with integrity, openness, and honesty in all relationships, dealing’s and transactions   *keep faith with the public trust through the efficient, cost-effective, and compassionate stewardship of resources   *always remain mindful that our mission is accomplished through the support, generosity, talents and dedication of others.