comedy night

Headliner: Patti Vasquez

For some reason being a mother of two with a “stay at home Dad” (which sounds so much better than “unemployed husband”) while living with he parents is a great motivator for Patti to get out of the house. Patti has appeared in many comedy festivals including Just for Laughs, HBO’s Las Vegas Comedy Festival, the Chicago Comedy Festival and Marshall’s Women in Comedy Festival in New York City.

Along with: John Russell

Although the world is changing John Russell refuses to.  He’s been entertaining people, young and old, for almost 30 years and doesn’t want to stop. Whether it’s successful runs in regional and national radio as a host and voiceover guy, two starring roles in Midwest dinner theater, or making comedy club audiences laugh until they cry for the past 10 years across the US, John is self-deprecating, slightly angry and highly likeable.

Friday March 27th

Doors open 7pm     Show Starts 8pm

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