love stories

Oak Creek Community Center
8580 S. Howell Ave. 
Oak Creek WI
Phone: 414.768.5840

Join us on Tuesday, February 11 

For a presentation of love stories for Valentine’s Day

One is republican one is democrat, but this is unimportant.  One marriage of limited duration, one much longer. One volatile relationship, one calm and serene. One husband married his sweetheart, the other not so much. Both couples are real, interesting, very American and worthy of our consideration and admiration. 
Tim Mutterer will host a 50 minute presentation regarding “the stuff we didn’t learn in school.”
Tim’s presentation honors the presidency and tose who have held the office. The presentation tends to avoid polotics and focus on the people, especially when they were in their youth. He looks for the interesting, funny, tragic stories that influenced and impacted their lives. 

Join us for this free event!